Goals & Objectives

  • To give the student teachers an understanding of basic principles of Education.
  • To train the student teachers in the various Techniques and skills of Education and Management of School.
  • To provide quality knowledge of Educational Technology as applicable to school education.
  • To acquaint them generally with the social , cultural, educational and communication frame work of education.
  • To provide an intensive knowledge of Guidance and counselling to help their students in selecting the subject for future study.
  • To develop among teacher a clear understanding of the Psychology of their students.
  • To acquaints them with the factors and forces( with in the school and out side ) affecting educational system and classroom situations.
  • To enable them to foster creative thinking among pupils for the reconstruction of knowledge.
  • To aquaint them with education of needs of special groups of pupils.
  • To foster in them desire for life long learning.
  • To aquaint them with words processing of various educational purposes.
  • To provide practice in various fields of work in order to help the teacher trainees discover their aptitude and capabilities.

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Additional B.ED Result is declared by university for the session 2012-2013.


National WorkShop is proposed by the institution for research methodology Statistics & use of SPSS on 04/12/2014;
Resource Person
Prof. D.N Sausauwal