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Those who sleep, their Destiny also - sleeps

Those who walk, their Destiny also – walks

Those who run, their Destiny also – runs

So positive thinking is the act of creating and concentrating on good things. It relates to the favourable attitude one adopts that simulates them to achieve something, positive thinking simulates both the subconscious and conscious mind.

Positive attitude and success – these are two different words but are inter related to each other. They are very important in student life…..without attitude a student can not achieve success. Positive attitude in a students life carry more important than an adverse attitude.

Positive attitude can lead a student to the sky. It is said that can not achieve success without positive attitude there is no shortcut to success except sincerity and hard work, but sincerity and hard work also requires positive attitude. Positive who have positive attitude reach great heights.

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible .Try to win like a winner then try to learn to be defeated like a winner too. There is no role of luck. It is simply our thinking. So finally we can say ‘’hack of any thing is called luck & success is due to your efforts so always believe in these lines…

“ When you wish upon a star

Your vision is always very far

The limitlessness of the sky

Is actually very high

But still when you are determined

A way you will always find

To reach up in the sky in there

Your wishful stars stays where

Our life is full of ups and downs.”


-Dr.Meenakshi Parashar

@ M.B Khalsa Insitution of Education

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