The vision of M.B. Khalsa Institution of Education is in the tune with the National objectives of education

The leadership of the M.B. Khalsa Institution of Education visualized meeting the present, emerging and changing educational needs of the society in general and those of the weaker people in particular. As a result M.B. Khalsa Institution of Education came into existence.

Colleges' vision is to grow quantitatively as well as qualitatively and bring out competent qualified teachers to serve our society and country with their talent and ability. The talented product is expected to carry name of the college to every part of the country and earn name to the college as one of the best in its category.

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Additional B.ED Result is declared by university for the session 2012-2013.


National WorkShop is proposed by the institution for research methodology Statistics & use of SPSS on 04/12/2014;
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Prof. D.N Sausauwal